Do You Wonder How to Create a Successful Home School Environment for Your Child?

The Professional Home Educator Academy Video Training 


Program Overview:

PHEA Video Training & Workbook
Table of content:

*    What is home education and why do people do it? (Teasing and bullying, School phobia, Panic attacks and anxiety in children, School refusal)
*    Deciding to home school with special education needs
*    Is it legal? 
*    What do you need to home educate 
*    The role of the local education authority
*    Recap

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

*    How do parents start home education? (Deregistering children from school)
*    Making the decision
*    Curriculum subjects and timetables
*    Teaching Approach (How do home educated children learn? 
*    What children need, both personally and environmentally, in order to learn, 
*    Everyday experiences
*    Value of play, 
*    Tightly structured approach versus autonomous approach
*    Recap

Organizing your Home School

*    A place for everything , Activity Centres and Lab Stations, Quiet corners and Libraries
*    Storing Home School Supplies
*    Keeping records
*    Planning ahead, Your lesson plan book
*    Creating an Idea File
*    Keeping a daily log book
*    Maintaining a home school portfolio
*    Recording grades and credits earned
*    Keeping home and school separate
*    Recap


*   What is life like for home educating family?
*    Typical daily routines
*    The integration of real life and real learning
*    Recap

Special Education Needs 
& Learning Difficulties

*    What about children with Learning difficulties or special education needs?
*    How children can sometimes thrive with a different learning approach 
*  Individual attention
*    SEN Teaching Approaches
*    Recap


*    How do home educated children find friends and become socialised?
*    The home education community
*    Social Clubs & Hobbies
*    Recap


*    Motivating your child and you
*    Home education network
*    How to find support
*    Opportunities within the community for learning
*    Recap

Tests &Exams

*    Test, exams and qualifications 
*   What home educators use test for
*    What exams and qualifications are for, 
*    How home educators choose exams and qualifications
*    The difference between qualifications and education 
*    Assessment alternatives
*    Finding support for GCSE, A levels and further education
*    Recap


*    How home educators manage work
*    How parents cope with their children being at home full-time
*    Working from home
*    Ideas
*    Recap

60 Pages - Template Book

Table of content:


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A personal note from Naomi Mc Laughlan

Dear Parents and Carers,

First of all Thank You for your interest in the Professional Home Educator Academy!

The reason why I have started the PHEA is because I felt lost when I first started to home educate my three children a couple of years ago. I felt that there is a big gap between the information on mainstream schools and home education or homeschooling.  

In the UK and most English speaking countries it is a myth that, by law, children have to attend school. They do not have to attend a school environment – even children with special education needs or SEN!

The 1996 Education Act (UK) states that:

“The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable –

(a) to his age, ability and aptitude, and

(b) to any special educational needs he may have, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise.”

Under (b) there is the specification that education can take place ‘at school or otherwise’ – it is the term ‘otherwise’ that allows for elective home education within the law. Therefore you, the parent or carer are ultimately responsible for the education of your child or children -regardless of the child’s place of education.

What’s the alternative to school?

The alternative is Home Education, sometimes called 'Elective Home Education' or Freeschool, to differentiate this from home-tutoring provided by the Local Authority. Home Education is more commonly known as Homeschooling or home-schooling in the US.

In order to make the start easier and give yourself and your family an advantage, you can now enrol here for only $48.50 or £29.77(approx.).

I hope to speak to you soon and I wish you all the Best of Luck on your Home-school Journey!

P.S.: Whether you are just starting to home educate or you have already started – the program will give you all the tools you need to create a successful home school environment!

Kindest Regards

Naomi xxx

Praise from Home Schooling Families

“A big THANK YOU from my entire family, for helping us to get a better understanding of the important ingredients of Home Schooling.”

- Nancy P. from Texas, USA

“I feel much more relaxed since going through the program, because it has helped me to get a clearer structure in my Home Education. Plus my kids are calmer, because I know what I’m doing now! Thanks you.” 

- Sandra T. from London, UK

"We are Happy Homeschoolers now! Thanks!!!"

- Lisa M. from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

PHEA Quick Q&A

In the following 5 part mini Q&A video series you will find answers to some questions you might have, which we hope will help you to decide to start our video training program today!